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Projects Update 1/21/17

One year since I started this blog, done so much in this year, couldn’t be happier. looking forward to another year and a half before college. And… its almost film festival season. I have 3 new movies, one that I probably won’t submit to anything, one that I definitely will submit, and one that I will most likely submit depending on how it turns out.

Enrique Project- Ryan still wants to so might keep going doing other projects as well though.

Other film projects- Filmed The Archer! All in one night, took about 3 hours. It didn’t go all smoothly, it was cold and VERY dark. I had to film on 4.5 aperture, 12,600 ISO, and 1/30 speed; basically just trying to get it as bright as possible. I also of course had my portable lighting system (a flashlight on a tripod). They weren’t that bright. Looking over the footage, I needed to lighten almost every clip. Luckily FCPX is good at that. Anyway I’m still working on that project, I’ll see how it turns out, probably will enter it into Eyelight and NCSFF.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.26.24 PM.png

Clip from The Archer

The PSA though turned out awesome! It’s called Ice and it parallels life and melting ice, and how life is fragile and it’s important to have people there that can keep you safe. Filmed with Canon T5i and Eric’s Canon T5. It’s beautiful! There’s some nature shots in it that look professional, and the ice looks amazing too! We turned off all lights and used a flashlight to highlight only the ice. Its so cool! The ice glows. Anyway the script is amazing, written by Eric, and the images are so good too! Probably the best film I’ve made so far, hopefully it will win big! I can’t post it until after the festival though, you won’t see it until like April

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.29.13 PM.png

End text from Ice

The EyeFix VR Commercial is done. It’s pretty funny, maybe a bit crude for Vimeo, so I posted it on the homeland of crude videos: Youtube. It’s post is here. It turned out pretty funny, but I don’t think its appropriate to enter into festivals. Well maybe Eyelight lol. But I really like it. It was a fun project and not serious like the others I’ve been doing.

The eyeFix logo.jpg

Logo I created for The eyeFix (I took the picture of the glasses as well)

So The Long Run script is on hold, I want to make it very well, and not rush it. I have another script idea though. It follows 3 people who are similar, but lonely and don’t have a lot of friends and it show how the three of them meet and become friends. It’s more of a heartwarming script that Instanly Involved or The Archer haha. I wanted to do something more sweet like that after I mad the PSA. The PSA turned out so well, and had meaning and emotion to it (emotion other than thrill and action). I wanted to do something more like that.

Equipment- just the portable lighting system.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Portable “lighting system” (lights taped to tripods)

DMA Work- Wow, big change from last time, Haven’t done any work for DMA yet this year, only went there on Tuesday to pick up a camera, will probably do more work by the next time I post.

Film Camp/Classes- Wow its close, I have hardly prepared (flashback to me saying this over the summer lol). But I’m going to run it the same way, so I’ll be fine. 9 students in session A and 7 in session B. That’s a lot so soon!

Applying for internships and classes- Idk if I’ll do something over the summer. Really wanna apply for a class at Sac City next year though.

Video/Film Jobs- Actually STILL waiting on 80 bucks from the FH coach, I’ll have to email her again, I hate asking for money. I did another bike meeting the other day, this time it was all professional equipment. It was really cool having the Canon XA-25 with shot gun mic and tripod along with my own Canon T5i with shot gun mic and tripod. And I was in charge of all this equipment. I can now do almost any film job for anyone professionally, because I have access to this equipment. I talked to someone who works for the City of Davis, and they said that they might have a project for me! Its actually a cool project. Davis being the giant bike town it is, has lots of law enforcement on bike laws. So if you run a stop sign or don’t wear a helmet, you normally have to pay a fine of 50 bucks. Now they’re changing it so that you have to go online, watch a video, and answer questions about bike laws. And she asked me if I was interested in making the video. I had to resist yelling, “Hell Yeah!” Making a video for the CITY would be amazing!!


Set up for the bike meeting

PSA for Orchestra- I’m going to ask him about the Wennberg concert coming up.

The DMAC- First meeting of the new year on Tuesday, we’re voting on photos for the Architecture photo contest. I also need to email about renting the IPAB for the DHS DMAC student film festival and Photo of the Year Contest. If not the IPAB, then the Vets Memorial, or maybe Varsity theater.

Film Festivals and Events- Directing Change, NCSFF, and Eyelight. That’s who I want to submit to this year. I made the Ice PSA for directing change, it has potential to actually win something this year. Then NCSFF (Northern California Student Film Festival) is a new film festival I found that’s running for the first time this year. Its open to only northern California and has cash prizes as well as trophies and other medals for winning or just being nominated. It seems like a lot of fun. The festival itself is in South San Francisco, not sure if I’ll attend it, but it looks like fun. Then info about Eyelight still hasn’t been posted, but Larsen told me it’s still going to happen. That was so much fun last year, can’t wait to go again.

Photography and Graphic Design- Did a lot of modeling and portraits with Eric (he does photo and helped me film the PSA). That was fun, I want to do more of my own portraits in the future. I used photoshop for image editing for the first time yesterday. Some of the pics are pretty cool. I posted one already, I learned how to do splash and how to highlight colors.


Selective color enhancements done on photoshop

Other News- Not much, the semester is over now. 4.0! yeah! finally. Otherwise all is normal. I got back into composing a bit, I arranged a piece for my quintet yesterday. We’re practicing tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll audition for baroque and symphony this year, I want to focus on film and those orchestras are a lot of commitment. Anyway, busy weekends still, lots of stuff with friends… all is gooood

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

Cool filming pic of me (pc: Eric)

Alright, monthly works well for posts, I’ll post again in February, right before I submit into Directing Change and NCSFF. I will have started film classes too! So that’s something to write about… next time.


Projects Update 12/25/16

Yep it’s Christmas day. Got film presents! Shotgun mic! Video tripod! But been hard to post every 3 weeks recently. Considering I posted 2 months ago. I’m going to try and post probs more like once a month; 3-6 weeks. But lots has happened.

Enrique Project- Looking at the last update, I realize we haven’t filmed since then, which is 2 months ago. So… IDK how this is going to go, but I wanna do shorter projects. This long one is taking too long. Luckily I got 3 project ideas.

Other film projects- Lots of projects! I wanna film the Archer over break. That’s my goal. It will be a quick project that I can do in one night. AND MY VIDEO TRIPOD AND MIC WILL HELP. So planning on filming that in the near future. Then I want to enter Directing Change again and I’m going to work on a film with my friend Eric. We have some good ideas and nice equipment, so hopes are we’ll do good and maybe win something. Then I wrote a new script (half) it’s an action plot and tells a story through a series of flashbacks, that leads you to believe in a different outcome based on how much of the story you see. I want to do it VERY well, so I’m going to make a shot list, carefully cast everyone, and make sure that it’s the best I can do. Oh… and I made a film a few weekends ago. A fake commercial, just like the good old days (making those are how I got into film). Used my DSLR for the first time doing a film project. AMAZING quality, every frame is like a photograph. Of course the commercial has a ridiculous plot, but it’s a beaut… got some pull focus in there and made use of my Green Screen and lights! Still editing: it has a lot of cuts and visual effects. So you will see “The eyeFix VR infomercial” up on youtube very soon. It was a really fun project.


Scene from the eyeFix

Equipment- Mangus Video Tripod: fluid head and 64″ max height. So excited, it will help a lot with my DSLR video, because DSLRs aren’t very stable. Then I got a Video Micro Røde mic, It’s very fluffy and I think it will be great!


Magnus 64″ fluid head tripod; Røde Video Micro shotgun mic

DMA Work- Wow haha, last time I posted was the my first time being camera director? So I’ve directed 4 events in the IPAB already and have done 6 gigs for DMA total. so lets get started… I GOT PAID FOR WORKING A WEEKEND! 100 big ones; 9 hrs of work. That’s right, I’m getting paid to do videography for a professional media organization. So I worked Saturday night to record the US Bike Hall of Fame 2016 Honorees. I guess Davis CA where I live is home to the US Bike Hall of Fame. Pretty cool, so they had a VERY fancy banquette to honor those new people admitted to the HOF. I had a simple job, re-align the camera for every new speaker. As media though, I got to enjoy the refreshments they offered. Yes, the dessert buffet and open bar (they had sodas… I’m 17). That was very nice… and I met Barry Bonds. That was actually really cool, I shook his hand. Just being at that event I realized how at 17 I’m experiencing a media job already, and it was amazing. It just made me more excited for my future. Anyway, the next day I had to DIRECT 2 back-to-back choir concerts. It was my first time in the IPAB, but Jeff (supervisor at DMA) gave me the run down… but then had to go, leaving me by myself with one other cameraman. Very frightening at first, but got pretty comfortable at the end… but then the other cameraman left. So I had to record the entire 2nd concert on my own; a 3 camera- live directing shoot. But I managed, I had a long shot on one unmanned camera, a wide shot on the other, and then I controlled the close up one at the same time as directing. It got pretty easy towards the end. So after that 9 hour work weekend, I volunteered for 2 more concerts a few weeks after. I worked with Frank W. I was mainly camera man, but we switched off. He’s a really cool guy, and we got talking and he told me about his non-profit org FDYC “Positive Skill Development and Youth Mentoring”. It seems, cool, with youth programs, I think I might be a little above some of the students’ levels, but I might help out with younger kids classes, and definitely help record events for them. Frank asked me to help out to record a toy drive on Thursday, but with finals, I didn’t have time. Definitely want to help out with events in the future though!

Film Camp/Classes- Yep! It’s coming up! and… I am an official instructor of the Davis Arts Center. I am listed as an instructor on the catalogue. So anyway about the class, I am planning to run it the same way as the camp. I may or may write a new script as well. But it’s going to very similar. I just hope that I’ll get enough interested students that want to take it.

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

Listing for my Davis Arts Center Spring Film class. I’m listed under instructor

Applying for internships and classes- not really. I’m going to look for some in studios in LA over the summer, and look into classes at Sacramento City College.

Video/Film Jobs- So Field Hockey is all over. Still waiting on 80 bucks from the coach actually. I only did one highlight video which was disappointing considering there were like 5 parents who contacted me. But I got paid for the one I did make. Pretty long video, only made like 30 bucks, but not bad. Then I did the bike meeting. That was an adventure… well more like 3 hours in the editing booth, But it’s very lively with lots of cuts. Got paid for that as well… thanks dad. But I’ve hit a dry spell, no jobs recently, almost did one for the school district, but they never got back to me. I guess I can just focus on my own films, which will be nice.


Bike Meeting Edit- look at all those cuts!

PSA for Orchestra- Haven’t done one yet

The DMAC- 2 photo contests later, we still exist. Members are up to about 50… of course only like 10-15 come to meetings, but still not bad. I’ll give you a run down on the progress so far. First meeting went well, good turn out, we were happy. Second meeting was kind of slow with a smaller turn out; Eric did a photography presentation as well. Then we had the club fair; where clubs on campus can have booths and get members for their club. WE. DOMINATED. IT. I brought in my green screen, and had people pretend to fly in front of it, and then I edited in the background. Took less than 5 minutes per person, and was a hit! Everyone was very impressed. We got a ton of members that day as well. Then we started advertising for our photo contest (theme: Fall). The photo teacher put the announcement on the board in the room. 25 admissions. We were overwhelmed. It was A GREAT TURNOUT. Everyone wanted the cash prize I guess. Of course very few of them showed up to the  actual meeting to vote, but still had like 20 people. We had a winner and announced the next contest (black and white portraits). At the meeting before the second Super Tuesday (what we call the day we vote on the photos) we had presentation from me and Kyle (Graphic arts president). Oh, and right before my presentation on the basics of filmmaking, the film teacher walked in to watch. So I had to give my presentation to the professional film teacher. Luckily I nailed it, so that was good. Anyway, Then we had our final meeting of the year with the voting for the Black and White photo contest. Even more submissions this time! Had a good contest, the winner was like professional. It was actually a teacher on campus… whoops. But we’re excited for the new year. I gotta start seriously thinking about the end of the year film festival though. I think I’ll talk to people about it when we start again in January. The pressure right now is to get the school to back us, find a place to do it, and get funding. Planning the actual festival is not as much of a problem.


Posters I designed for both DMAC photo contests

Film Festivals and Events- The season is upon us… almost. Directing Change is the first one to do. I’ll be working with Eric over break to get that video done, Then theres another festival the NCSFF: Northern California Student Film Festival. It’s a new festival that judged by region, and has cash prize, looks like my chances might be pretty good, looking forward to enter the archer or the new script “The Long Run”. Then of course Eyelight, I gotta enter that as well.

Photography and Graphic Design- Lots and lots of photography, my 32 gig SD card is almost full. It’s a lot of fun, I got some good pics. They’re all on my VSCO. I got a photography book for Christmas, and  I’m learning a lot about manual photography. It’s a lot of fun, nothing like film though. For Graphic design, I make all the posters and digital designs for the DMAC. This is the posters for the photo contests, fliers, and all the designs for the website and Instagram. So lots of Graphic design work for me as well. Also looks like I’ll have to whip up a design for the DMAC t-shirt, but that won  ‘t be bad.

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 7.49.12 PM.png

One of my favorite photos I took (feat. Hillel)

Social Media Videos- nothin’ really

Other News- Over Thanksgiving I went down to LA to see family. I visited my first college! Loyola Marymount: one of the top film schools in the country, private school, in the center of LA. Its really nice, we got a tour, they use really good equipment, and you have rights to your own films. Definitely a school I want to apply to. Also I got some good pics in Venice. Otherwise, just lots of homework and lots of stuff with my friends. Finals were last week, but now its all over. Orchestra isn’t bad, quintet is fun, also just fun to play music with friends. Hoping the second semester will be easier at school, give me more free time.

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 8.11.29 PM.png

Sunset pic on of the Venice Canals

Alright, next post I’ll have filmed the Archer and finished the eyeFix… hopefully. And hopefully post within in about a month