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AP Photo Portfolio Application

As I mentioned in my Projects Update, I got into AP photo. I wasn’t sure I’d make it, because I hadn’t taken the preliminary photography class. I thought I could do it though, because I had really gotten to know about photography with my new camera and I have been using photoshop since before I even touched a camera. Eric also helped me a lot, taking me on photo shoots and helping me work the camera. I take my DSLR everywhere now, and snap any picture I think worth while. I use it in film, and always take cinematic shots when I can. This camera has been my thing for the last few months. Anyway, here are the 10 photos I chose for my application. My goal was to show that I am as experienced as someone in regular photo is. So to do this, I wanted to show a variety of shots, and flaunt my photoshop skills. So here you will see a big variation of pictures, with some heavily photoshopped.

Houdini 1

This was an early picture of mine. I think it was the first day I went out and took pictures. And of course, my first model had to be my cat Houdini. I really like this picture, because he has sort of a static wondering in his eyes. In order to highlight his eyes, I actually took them to a new layer completely so that I could enhance them. It really brings them out.IMG_0452

This is agin one of my earliest pictures. I took it on my first real shoot going around the neighborhood. I found this tree in an orchard that was perfectly lit to an almost gold, and I became obsessed. Every part of the leaves glowed, and the whole tree was beautiful with the Lanternslevetation 2sunset solarizedduck splash 2Evan 1Eric 2Hillel landscapeWalker Woods


Canon T5i

I now own a profession DSLR camera. The canon EOS Rebel T5i. With this camera I can optimize my video quality and professionalism. I also can take on photography. This camera will open up so many opportunities for film making and my future media career.

For photography pics; Check out my VSCO

image1 (2).JPG

Canon bundle I purchased: Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera

18-55mm IS STM Lens: standard lens; zoom isn’t very far, but the depth of field is amazing, and that’s what’s important. Auto focus is accurate and manual focus is easy to adjust. Live zoom is trash, but I can work around that.

58mm HD Wide Angle Lens: Just been experimenting with this, it’s actually pretty good, the standard lens has a pretty wide angle anyway

2.2x Telephoto Lens: Helps with the zoom, I can definitely zoom farther than with the standard lens

2 Pcs 32GB Commander Card: That is a lot of storage! 7 hours of HD video! I won’t have any storage problems

Battery Grip: This will be good for long shoots and stabilization! that is important

Extra Battery: really important, I don’t have to charge after every shoot, and the battery lasts really long too

Backpack Case: Great! I can carry everything… on my back. Better than the duffel cases I was looking at before

Specs and Review:

Video Mode: A whole mode designated to video. There’s “on” “off” and “video” It’s going to be great to start doing some video. The video so far is amazing quality. Movement is very difficult though in order to not get it stable. I haven’t checked out audio quality yet.

Other Modes: Auto modes like sports, landscape, and portrait. Landscape is a good auto mode for nature shots, and portraits is good for people. I’m forcing myself to use Manual mode though. I’m new, so I’m just starting to learn about shutter speed and aperture. I’m actually doing pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Shutter speed: 30″ to 1/4000 any speed I want… I got. For long exposure though, I only have 30 seconds.

Aperture: 4.5 to 29; 4.5 could be a bit of a limit in the future, but for now it works great.

Image quality: 18mp and 1080p video 24/26/30fps

9 point autofocus: I NEED THIS. When recording video, it is always in focus. It’s impossible to always to be in focus during video while on MF. But MF is good for pull focus, that’s what’s important to me haha.

Mic Jack: I NEED THIS. once I get a shotgun mic, my audio quality will be a ton better

Tilt Swivel Screen: useful to get hard angles and during filming and photo. I can also see the screen better, because I can move it to fix glare.

Touch Screen: Just like my iPhone. I can adjust the focus by touching the screen, it’s a really easy way to do it- I can do it live in video too! On auto, I can tap to auto adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and WB. When I can touch the screen it is easier to manually adjust them too with sliders.

Photo Tests and Examples


Testing how close I can get the focus


Checking out the levels of focus


Seeing how it reacts to light


Checking out the saturation and color


messing with shutter speed and aperture to get darker pictures


Depth. Of. Field. :0


Gotta do some long exposure




For more pics: Check out my VSCO