AP Photo Portfolio Application

As I mentioned in my Projects Update, I got into AP photo. I wasn’t sure I’d make it, because I hadn’t taken the preliminary photography class. I thought I could do it though, because I had really gotten to know about photography with my new camera and I have been using photoshop since before I even touched a camera. Eric also helped me a lot, taking me on photo shoots and helping me work the camera. I take my DSLR everywhere now, and snap any picture I think worth while. I use it in film, and always take cinematic shots when I can. This camera has been my thing for the last few months. Anyway, here are the 10 photos I chose for my application. My goal was to show that I am as experienced as someone in regular photo is. So to do this, I wanted to show a variety of shots, and flaunt my photoshop skills. So here you will see a big variation of pictures, with some heavily photoshopped.

Houdini 1

This was an early picture of mine. I think it was the first day I went out and took pictures. And of course, my first model had to be my cat Houdini. I really like this picture, because he has sort of a static wondering in his eyes. In order to highlight his eyes, I actually took them to a new layer completely so that I could enhance them. It really brings them out.IMG_0452

This is agin one of my earliest pictures. I took it on my first real shoot going around the neighborhood. I found this tree in an orchard that was perfectly lit to an almost gold, and I became obsessed. Every part of the leaves glowed, and the whole tree was beautiful with the Lanternslevetation 2sunset solarizedduck splash 2Evan 1Eric 2Hillel landscapeWalker Woods



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