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Projects Update 10/27/16

Been like 6 weeks since the last one, but been really busy recently. Over the weekend I don’t have time like I used too. Except for today

Enrique Project- Took a few gap weeks, but we did film yesterday! Went pretty well, did one scene, but I still have to edit. Going to keep working, and Baseball for Lev ends soon so we’re going to keep going strong. Gotta write more scripts.


Scene from Enrique Project

Orion/City of Dreams- Not looking good. Probs not doing City of Dreams and it looks like no Orion either unless we find actors. Maybe a new music vid tho

Other film projects- I wanna do The Archer soon, and I’m considering doing a documentary about village homes (green community I live in). My dad said it as a joke, but  I think it might be fun. I’m going to think about doing that.

Equipment- GUESS WHO JUST BOUGHT A CANON T5i. Dats right, c’est moi! Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm IS STM Lens + Kit Includes, 58mm HD Wide Angle Lens + 2.2x Telephoto Lens + 2Pcs 32GB Commander Card + Battery Grip + Extra Battery + Backpack Case. And I got a really bright flashlight to use in a portable lighting system. I’m going to buy a film tripod with a smooth head and a shotgun mic as well.


Canon T5i Bundle I purchased

DMA Work- Not much recently, well I’ve been editing there almost daily, but I haven’t actually done much work for them. Its been so long since I posted and It looks like I didn’t mention that I was CAMERA DIRECTOR for the las event! It was so much fun and really easy, I got to be creative about what angle when. A little stressful at first, but I got the hang of it. I had no bad cuts! yay!

Film Camp/Classes- Class got passed!!! we going; 2 sessions; 1.5hr weekly; 5 weeks a session. Its structured the same way as the film camp, but for a little bit more money!

Applying for internships and classes- Not applying for any classes

Video/Film Jobs- Wow… so right after I did my last update… I got a job! A friend of mine on the DHS Girls Field Hockey team said that their coach was looking for someone to record all the games. Dats me. Every home game I go out and record it. 20 bucks a game 7 games this season… not bad. I’m just recording it with my camcorder, nothing fancy… and then I use my tripod as a monopod so I get smoother movement. At first it was hard. The camera was shaky, and it was hard to track the ball (its small and I’ve never watched field hockey before). I have to edit the videos too. 2 hours of HD footage is a lot for a 2009 mac book pro… but nothing for the computers at DMA. But that means I have to schlep over to DMA almost everyday after school and edit. The other annoying thing is the file size. It is very large. First off the HD footage is about 5 gb raw. And then FCPX exports everything like 10 times bigger than I should be. I was dealing with files up to 50 gb. And at first I was supposed to but it on the teammates flashdrive. The girls brought flash drives so small that they were in the megabytes. Even if I reduced the size like 4 times, I could only get it down to like 6gb. So I ended up opting to youtube. Another problem. 45 mins is the length for youtube videos. So I had to post them all on the DMA youtube channel… which is cool, because then its more professional. Anyway… I started exporting the videos through compressor to get the size down to like 8gb and then I export them to youtube, I can leave DMA while the vids are uploading/exporting, so it works out well. I got one more video to record and edit and post, otherwise all the others are done! And then like last week, I was asked by the coach if I was interested in making highlight videos for the girls. This is really easy and the coach said I could get paid like 50 bucks per video. Just waiting for parents to contact me. Then I also recorded a bike meeting for my dad on wednesday. It was just like a DMA production, except I worked both cameras. And now I gotta edit 2 hours of multicamera footage! YAY!

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 7.07.22 PM.png

A DHS Girls Field Hockey game I recorded

PSA for Orchestra- Haven’t done one yet

The DMAC- Its official, first meeting on Tuesday! I can’t believe this is happening, we’re meeting tomorrow to plan. we advertised with posters all around around campus and we’re in the announcements and we’re going to make this happen. check out our website (designed by me btw). for the film group this year, I want to do monthly student presentations where a student brings in their film(s)

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

The Poster for the DMAC that I designed

Film Festivals and Events- None really

Photography and Graphic Design-  I designed the DMA poster! That was cool! Its really cool and stands out on the blue advertising walls. Kyle, the GA/Design president was sick so I stepped in. I think they’re pretty good and so does my dad the designer.


Cool Pic I took

Social Media Videos- nothin’ really

Other News- well been really busy lately with friends and girlfriend and soccer and filming stuff. Soccer is good, we got our last game next week, and Quintet is going well, I’m first violin, so I’m basically the leader. Life is gooooood.

So I’m going to try and actually post every 3 weeks, maybe just monthly if it comes to it, but basically I really want to post as often as possible… even if no one reads this lol.