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Europe 2016 Videos

I should’ve posted this a while ago, but here I am now.

About: Amsterdam was the first place I visited. Normally I go strait to England, but this time I flew strait into Amsterdam. Really interesting city,  full of boats, bongs, and bikes! Basically sums it up. that’s what’s in this video. All the scenic views that you can see at every turn of this city.

Contribution: All filmed by me! Using my iPhone 6 and the application “Manual Camera” which allowed me to manually change the focus. Then I edited it all on FCPX.

Publication: Vimeo and Youtube. Parts on Instagram

About: Second time I’ve been to Paris, and I actually remember this one. I only stayed 2 nights and left very early the second morning. Ended up staying there for about un jour et demi (a day and a half). I still went to a lot of the tourist spots and of course ate street food! This video is just some more shots of iconic and unique places throughout the city.

Contribution: All filmed by me! Using my iPhone 6 and the application “Manual Camera” which allowed me to manually change the focus. Then I edited it all on FCPX.

Publication: Vimeo and Youtube. Parts on Instagram



Projects Update 9/3/16

Well its been a while… an entire summer actually. With work and travel, I just didn’t have a lot of time to post. Anyway with the school year starting once more, I’m starting up again with tri-weekly posts.

Enrique Project- Literally no progress over the summer, but as soon as school started, we started again. Twice within a week actually. Started up slow, with just a scene in my house, no dialogue, but last Friday we got a lot done actually. We shot a scene we did before and then did one after that. It looks like this film will actually make some progress! Any way I’m excited to actually continue working on this.

Orion/City of Dreams- So me and Eric put off Orion and to do a music video with his friends first. It’s not bad, the song is good, but the plot is a bit couple-y for me. Its not entirely scripted and is really just cinematic shots of the couple. Of course its a film project, so I like doing it no matter what, but I’d rather do Orion. So we’re thinking of starting Orion sooner or writing a new script.


Shooting the music video

Other film projects- Well there’s the Europe videos from the summer, that I still haven’t made a blog post about them yet. They weren’t anything special, just for fun. I don’t really think the cinematic videos are my thing, I like working with a story and actors. That’s what I plan on focusing on now. I really want to do this Bus Stop: the Archer thing. I’m planning to start once it gets dark earlier. Shoot it all in one night. And then I also want to do some stuff with the Enrique Project team. Like a fake commercial or fake documentary.

DMA Work- Internship is over, I got my certificate the other day actually. I’m still checking out equipment and I’m planning on volunteering. I just emailed Jeff yesterday about volunteering actually. I’m planning on working for them often and hopefully doing more events in the IPAB theater and maybe some sporting events too. Also I asked him about directing the cameras in the IPAB as well.

FullSizeRender (7)

Picture of me doing a gig for DMA, found it on their Facebook page

Film Camp/Classes- Done with the camp. read my my other post, Because I’m definitely not writing that again. Anyway I entered an application for a spring class. I hope it goes through, because I need cash! And I love film of course…

Applying for internships and classes- I’m looking for summer internships in LA that I’d really like to do. They’re all like 3,000 dollars though. I’ll look for a studio internship. Otherwise for my High school classes. First I got Chamber Orchestra, the same orchestra as last year, but I’m auditioning for Concert master this time. Then I have American Literature Honors, Strength and Conditioning, and Peer Tutor 4th. Now I did peer tutor so that I could help out in Video/Film, but there is no class that period. So now I’m stuck with French which is ok, because I get practical art credits and its pretty fun. Then 5th I have French 4 honors, then Pre-calculus and end with Race and Social Justice. RSJ is an alternative to American History, all my friends took it idk.

Photography and Graphic Design- Film is closely related to both these medias, so naturally I do some of both. I did some long exposure pictures with my friend over the summer, she got an app for it and it turned out really cool. Nothing really for graphic design except for the DMAC logo.

IMG_5257 (1)

Steel wool in a whisk long exposure

PSA for Orchestra- I’ll talk to Moreno. Nothing yet, because school just started, but we’re required to have twice as many “you choose  points” (outside orchestra volunteer work) as last year, so I’ll make lots of videos.

The DMAC- The Davis Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club. Yep, we’re doing this. I was planning on starting a film club, but my friend Eric and some others wanted to start a photo club. So we combined them, and threw in graphic design as well. We got a team of like 5 members to get it started. We’re meeting to plan it and were talking over what we’re doing each meeting and leadership positions etc. I’m in charge of the Film branch and I’m treasurer. The club is going to be a place where people interested in the media arts can get constructive criticism, meet others that share those interests, and stay involved with the arts at the school. we’re going to have photo contests and hopefully a film festival as well later. Of course the club is not official yet, but we’re all excited to submit the application soon.

FullSizeRender (8)

Rough Draft of a possible logo

Film Festivals and Events- None coming up. Hopefully a screening with the DMAC

Social Media Videos- Some on my personal IG, but they’re still not very good.

Europe 2016 events- Just an over view of film related things I did in Europe. Starting in Amsterdam, I went to the eye film institute, that was pretty cool, it had the history of film and some interactive film activities. The building was really cool as well. Paris I didn’t really do anything film related. Then I went to England; Falmouth and York at first. In York, my dad’s friend came by; Paul Laugier. He is an art director that has worked on such films as Inception, Malicifent, Pan and Jason Bourne. He talked for hours about all the things that he’s worked on and all about the industry, it was really cool meeting someone who is actually successful in the industry. Then I went to Scotland and stayed in a house with like 12 family members, and had a film screening the last night. Then I went to London and to the BBC. That was cool, my dad knew someone who worked in weather there and we got the full tour. I saw the newsroom and studio (from a far) and also went to one of the weather studios, which was really fun. The BBC is actually a really cool building. That was It really.


TL: EYE Film Institute BL: My films projected on a wall in Scotland R: BBC weather studio

Other News- Probably one of the best summers of my life. With Europe, camp, and hanging out with friends each day, it was really great. Anyway, soccer started which is pretty fun, and Orchestra is really great with all my friends, we kinda dominate the orchestra. Anyway everything is going pretty well now.

Good to get back to writing these, will write again in 3 weeks!