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Longboard Life and Createfest

About: I made this film a while ago, I think over memorial day weekend. This film is different, because it is the first artsy film that I made. After going to the Davis Shorts film festival, and seeing my friend’s film “The Disneyland Dream” I was inspired to make my own artsy film. So I did. I don’t have a DSLR, so I was stuck to my other cameras. None of them could do Pull Focus though… except my iPhone I found out. You’re like “An iPhone is better than your 100$ camcorder and 300$ point and shoot” and I’m like “Yes, yes it is.” Apple if your reading this, your iPhone has AMAZING video quality and capabilities. And the makers of the app Manual, if you’re reading this, your app is basically a 3 dollar DSLR. With this equipment, I could easily make an artsy video with great perception of field and amazing video quality. Production took one day and editing took like 5 hours. All in all a pretty cool video with. (and a pretty good song too).

Contribution: All me. EVERY aspect of production was me. I edited acted and yes, I filmed the whole thing as well. Well a bit of credit to my tripod. You’ll be like “how did you do that over-the-shoulder shot though” and I’ll be like “I held a tripod very awkwardly behind me.” All of the shots were all filmed by me with no other cameraman on set. And I edited on FCPX and yes, I’ve been longboarding for like 7 years now and do lots of stunt videos as well. So I did all the stunts in the video as well.

Publication: I made the video for the Pence Gallery (local gallery in Davis,Ca where I live) Createfest. I had like 4 people ask me to submit an “artsy video” so I made on. I might bring it to the next Davis Shorts or put it on TV as well.

Festival: It was pretty cool. The whole event was organized by teens in the community that are doing an internship there at the Pence. The festival was upstairs. I walked in to an empty room with films playing on a loop. One was just ending and mine came directly after. I watched mine with my dad and stayed for the others. My friend’s Disneyland film played (because I made her enter it) and then a there was another film by a photographer in my grade. I didn’t know she did film too, but I suppose they are too very similar medias. It was pretty good. Our 3 films were the best ones there probably, because the others were so bad and weird that they aren’t even worth mentioning (harsh but true). The rest of the festival was kinda cool, I knew like half the people there and a good friend of mine was doing henna. So I talked with them a bit and looked around at the other art work. It was pretty cool all in all. I want to get involved next year.


Electrify Your Strings Promotional Video 2016

About: I made this video to promote a big concert that we had coming up in orchestra. It was designed to get a few more people to come watch. It needed a lot of funding so it was important to get as many people to come as possible.

Contribution: I edited the entire video and added all title effects, the raw footage was recorded and edited by Davis Media Access.

Publication: This video was aired on public television, DCTV, from 5/10 to 5/14. It was also  sent in two email advertisements with credits to me.

Projects Update 6/12/16

With school ending, I’ve been pretty busy obviously and haven’t found the time to post. BUT SOPHMORE YEAR IS OVER, one hellova year! Finally have time to do stuff. Well for like a week…

Enrique Project- Well its the end of the school year, and still haven’t filmed. This project quickly went to the bottom of my priorities. It’s too hard to get everyone together to film. I need more commuted people, so I’m starting a new project with a friend called Orion. I might try to continue this project when I have time

Orion- New film I’m starting to work on with a friend. He does photography, so when I took those pics last week, he commented on them and we started talking. He had this idea based off an anime, and I said I’d help. It’s great, because now I have someone who will be committed to film and who can help me with film stuff! We are just scripting for now, but will be filming in a few weeks hopefully before Europe this summer.

Other film projects- I was kind enough to help my friends with filming their Spanish project. I’m not even in their class, haha I’m in french 3. They originally just asked for my camera, but I was like I might as well come film. They asked for a professional recording, and I did not disappoint. I brought studio lights, 2 cameras, a tripod and my phone as an external mic.


The set up from my friend’s Spanish project

I did close ups with my camcorder and used the point and shoot for a long shot. I had a good program, so I offered to edit as well. Its good that I did, because the multi-camera would’ve been painfully difficult on iMovie lol. Anyway it turned out super good and funny and was fun to do all around. Also my mom is starting a cake mixes company, so I’m doing videos for her. She wants to do really artsy ones, so this will be fun.

Equipment– Got a super cool app called manual. And as the name says, it can do manual focus. I used it for pull focus in my longboard video and for the videos/pictures I’m doing for my mom.


A picture I took on my iPhone using Manual

It’s just like a DSLR. Speaking of a DSLR, I’m probably going to get one. The Cannon Rebl EOS T5i. It has a flip out screen, super nice lens, and mic jack. Its 600 dollars though. I’m planning to split the cost with my mom, IDK.

DMA internship-  Basically over. Had my last production on Wednesday; King high graduation. It was kinda boring, but short. It was with the same director as the band concert, he was kinda confusing over the mic. Then I also did the Emerson-Davinci-Harper Combined Orchestras Spring Concert, with Mr. Brucker from last year. That was kinda fun, because my friends stayed up with me in the booth. Jeff will probably have a last meeting, because I want to talk to him about this summer.

Summer Camp prep- 8 MORE DAYS! That’s it until I have to teach my own film camp. I’m getting more and more prepared each day, but I’m going to have to pick it up. I have 11 kids in my first camp already. Exciting, but worrisome

applying for internships and classes- No internships or classes, still waiting to hear back from that studio in Vacaville

PSA for Orchestra- Year over, but Moreno asked me to keep helping next year

Video/Film Class- We did and animation/live action 20 second film. I animated a penguin to interact with. I drew him on photoshop and did all the different angles and body motions with different characters. I sequenced them in Premier and did basic key frame animation for motion. Pretty simple, but turned out cool.


One frame from the penguin animation I did in Video film using Photoshoop and Premier


Film Festivals and Events- Jeff told me about it, its called “Davis Shorts”. There were some really cool films there actually. This running one inspired me to make “Longboard Life”. Mine was probably the worst, but it was still fun to see what adult film makers create. There’s another one at the end of the summer. I hope I get invited back.

Social Media Videos- None

Other News- Hanging out with friends a lot, which is dominating a lot of my time. Soccer ended, we got 3rd in our final tournament. Euro 2016 and Copa America started, so watching a lot of soccer. Schools over; ended with a 3.85. Almost got a 4.0, but I basically failed my Chem final. No commitments or things to do for a week… this is new.

Summer is going to be different. I won’t write in some categories, and will write a lot more in others. It’ll be interesting. Try to post every 3 weeks, but IDK with Europe trip coming up.