Projects Update 5/7/16

Enrique Project- No filming for a while. Everyone has been busy and I’ve had a lot of assignments during 7th period film. I’m going to make a schedule for film now though. We need to get through part 1 by the end of the school year. We’ll make it and Lev’s baseball ends soon too… its all good

DMA internship- finished spring sports, I think I’ll make a post with all the videos/pictures on it. I did women’s soccer which was really fun,


filming Women’s soccer 4/14/16

a lot of my friends went too, so I had some company. That was the last video I did. I then went to do pictures for the others. I had this amazing camera! it was a giant DSLR… amazing. I got it to do swimming, but there was no one there… anyway I did my own photography then. I just went around and took some really cool photos.


selection of pictures I took with the really nice DSLR I had on loan

I’ll post them all in another post. I also just used it Thursday for baseball. I actually took photos of both JV and Varsity even though I was just supposed to take them of Varsity; I had friends on JV though. I also did more work in the IPAB. I did some tribute thing that was ok until the senior appreciation came and it got dead boring. Then I did a senior band concert with a new director which was different. I had never done concerts before. They played Pirates of the Caribbean and Start Wars and Hillel (my friend) was in it as well. So that was good. We just got a list of new events to cover. I’ll probably do a lot of graduations. Oh, and I dropped off a friend’s video for TV. Alex at DMA liked it and put it on like 40 times. I know its not mine, but still

Summer Camp prep- 14 students; 7 in each class. Still got a month, still got a month

applying for internships and classes- none

PSA for Orchestra- Made another one. This one is for our Mark Wood Electrify Your Strings rock concert.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.14.36 PM.png

New orchestra promotional Video

It’s a pretty cool video… and a pretty cool concert! It only took 2 takes this time, which was great! Definitely not as long as last time. Just dropped it off at DMA yesterday for TV. I’ll make a post about it after the concert.

Video/Film Class- Been doing a lot of small projects. We did cutting on action, Continuity Magic (disappearing and split screen), Multiplicity, levitation, and we just made a music video.We chose We Will Rock You because it was short. Turned out pretty good. Otherwise not much in this class.

Film Festivals and Events- Wow, apparently I’m the guy everyone tells about film festivals. I heard of a White House film festival that I might enter. I’m thinking of doing kind of an interview type thing. Then someone told me about a festival at the Pence Gallery (local gallery) for artsy films. I don’t have any so idk. then Jeff at DMA said that they were going to do a festival too. I said that I’d bring “Instantly Involved” for it. So many things to do!

Social Media Videos- made a first person longboard vid through snapchat which was pretty cool. I’m posting the second part to my page today

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.13.47 PM.png

Screen grab from my longboard video

Other News-  Almost done with the song that I’m writing; was working on the lyrics today. I’m going to make a music video for it, so I’ll post it then.



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