Directing Change 2016

Didn’t win anything, but still spent time making these videos. This year there was almost 500 submissions so competition was high. My videos were pretty good, but just couldn’t make the cut. They were actually better than some of the ones I saw from last year. But I suppose the quality has grown a lot from then. I can definitely learn from my mistakes though.

Everyone Matters- this video I credited as my own completely in case we won award money. Evan hardly worked on it at all. It was my idea, but since we only got a 1 minute video it didn’t turn out like my idea exactly. It wasn’t bad, just it was hard condensing it to only one minute. Plus I’m not a good voice actor. Just small things could’ve made it better. Anyway here it is

Paper Jacket- the sentiment in this one came out great. It took days to find music, but once we did… It was perfect. I had the idea for the jacket, but Evan edited the entire thing. The jacket was really fun to make, kinda hard to put on, but turned out pretty well. When I showed it to my friends, they said that this was the one. And I agreed. Just a few things could’ve made it better though. I wish I had spent more time on effects, to make it more powerful, but oh well… I might make a director’s cut version with all the added effects, but idk. I’ll see.



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