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Projects Update 5/7/16

Enrique Project- No filming for a while. Everyone has been busy and I’ve had a lot of assignments during 7th period film. I’m going to make a schedule for film now though. We need to get through part 1 by the end of the school year. We’ll make it and Lev’s baseball ends soon too… its all good

DMA internship- finished spring sports, I think I’ll make a post with all the videos/pictures on it. I did women’s soccer which was really fun,


filming Women’s soccer 4/14/16

a lot of my friends went too, so I had some company. That was the last video I did. I then went to do pictures for the others. I had this amazing camera! it was a giant DSLR… amazing. I got it to do swimming, but there was no one there… anyway I did my own photography then. I just went around and took some really cool photos.


selection of pictures I took with the really nice DSLR I had on loan

I’ll post them all in another post. I also just used it Thursday for baseball. I actually took photos of both JV and Varsity even though I was just supposed to take them of Varsity; I had friends on JV though. I also did more work in the IPAB. I did some tribute thing that was ok until the senior appreciation came and it got dead boring. Then I did a senior band concert with a new director which was different. I had never done concerts before. They played Pirates of the Caribbean and Start Wars and Hillel (my friend) was in it as well. So that was good. We just got a list of new events to cover. I’ll probably do a lot of graduations. Oh, and I dropped off a friend’s video for TV. Alex at DMA liked it and put it on like 40 times. I know its not mine, but still

Summer Camp prep- 14 students; 7 in each class. Still got a month, still got a month

applying for internships and classes- none

PSA for Orchestra- Made another one. This one is for our Mark Wood Electrify Your Strings rock concert.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.14.36 PM.png

New orchestra promotional Video

It’s a pretty cool video… and a pretty cool concert! It only took 2 takes this time, which was great! Definitely not as long as last time. Just dropped it off at DMA yesterday for TV. I’ll make a post about it after the concert.

Video/Film Class- Been doing a lot of small projects. We did cutting on action, Continuity Magic (disappearing and split screen), Multiplicity, levitation, and we just made a music video.We chose We Will Rock You because it was short. Turned out pretty good. Otherwise not much in this class.

Film Festivals and Events- Wow, apparently I’m the guy everyone tells about film festivals. I heard of a White House film festival that I might enter. I’m thinking of doing kind of an interview type thing. Then someone told me about a festival at the Pence Gallery (local gallery) for artsy films. I don’t have any so idk. then Jeff at DMA said that they were going to do a festival too. I said that I’d bring “Instantly Involved” for it. So many things to do!

Social Media Videos- made a first person longboard vid through snapchat which was pretty cool. I’m posting the second part to my page today

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.13.47 PM.png

Screen grab from my longboard video

Other News-  Almost done with the song that I’m writing; was working on the lyrics today. I’m going to make a music video for it, so I’ll post it then.


Directing Change 2016

Didn’t win anything, but still spent time making these videos. This year there was almost 500 submissions so competition was high. My videos were pretty good, but just couldn’t make the cut. They were actually better than some of the ones I saw from last year. But I suppose the quality has grown a lot from then. I can definitely learn from my mistakes though.

Everyone Matters- this video I credited as my own completely in case we won award money. Evan hardly worked on it at all. It was my idea, but since we only got a 1 minute video it didn’t turn out like my idea exactly. It wasn’t bad, just it was hard condensing it to only one minute. Plus I’m not a good voice actor. Just small things could’ve made it better. Anyway here it is

Paper Jacket- the sentiment in this one came out great. It took days to find music, but once we did… It was perfect. I had the idea for the jacket, but Evan edited the entire thing. The jacket was really fun to make, kinda hard to put on, but turned out pretty well. When I showed it to my friends, they said that this was the one. And I agreed. Just a few things could’ve made it better though. I wish I had spent more time on effects, to make it more powerful, but oh well… I might make a director’s cut version with all the added effects, but idk. I’ll see.