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Projects Update 4/16/16

Film Festival was the biggest thing probably. Otherwise not much.

Enrique Project- It’s been hectic with Instantly Involved and everything, but we just filmed Thursday and were filming tomorrow! After the festival, I have a whole new perspective on audio and acting. I realized that a lot of the project lacks in those areas. Now I am going to focus more on trying to get the lines how I want them, and use my external mic a lot more. We don’t have scripts past this point, so that’s my next job. Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 1.24.30 PM.png

DMA internship- going great! Recorded men’s volleyball and women’s lacrosse and I’m doing soccer on Monday. I also edited for the first time too, so that was cool. They use FCPX so there is no difference for me. The video is not on their page yet, but will post a link to it in when it comes up here.

Summer Camp prep- As you can see from my Movie Camp post, I have advertised a lot. Granted a lot of the fliers are probably ripped down by now. I have made no other planning though, which is kind of worrisome

applying for internships and classes- Switched my classes! I’m NOT doing stagecraft anymore. I switched TA to Peer Tutor (basically the same thing) and Peer Tutor counts as a practical art, so I no longer have to take stagecraft. Now I’m taking PE. So it all cool now

PSA for Orchestra- no new ones yet. I’ll email him now lol

Video/Film Class- Just basic videos after the festival. Continuity Magic (Larsen spelled it with a J hahaha) where we did like split screens and stuff. Then we did a cutting on action video, where I did another chase scene. I also filmed Enrique Project during 7th period.

Film Festivals and Events-  Eye light 2016! So I said it in my other post, but I won best trailer and suspense film.FullSizeRender(2).jpg The film festival itself was really good. I missed the red carpet (thanks Ryan), but still had time to buy tickets and stuff. I had to get in my tux, but went open collar. When I got there, I was kind of waiting around a lot until someone from the press came to interview me. They were just standard questions. I can’t find the article yet, but ill add a link if I can.FullSizeRender(3).jpgI walked into the theater and it was awesome. It was a full sized theater. Not like a makeshift mini one, but bigger than some theaters I’ve seen Hollywood films in. Mrs. Larsen was in the booth managing the different videos on the screen, and the first student film to play was a clip named “Best Trailer” and then Ryan and Lev showed up on the screen, and it was my trailer that played. From there on, I was happy. The first 7 films were pretty bad, with terrible cutting on action and dialogue, and then mine came and it was all glitchy, which was really annoying! It was played again at the end though (after voting for peoples choice 😦 may I add). The films got better and better as the festival went on, and I knew that I couldn’t win any of the other awards. But my film wasn’t for the festival, and it just couldn’t compete. I got certificates at the end and also and internship with a small studio, which was cool.IMG_3821.jpg

All in all it was a great experience! Oh and Directing Change results came back and I didn’t win anything. The quality of the videos from what I saw were a lot better than last year.

Social Media Videos- I might get a new phone camera app, so I’ll make better ones there with like pull focus and stuff.

Other News-  No new news really. Life is sorta boring, all the interesting stuff has to do with friends or I already mentioned it.

Not a lot, see you in 3 weeks.


Eyelight Film Festival 2016

Instantly Involved Poster.jpg

Poster for Instantly Involved; was posted on the wall of the theatre

TWO AWARDS– Best Suspense Film and Trailer. Not bad… not bad at all…

I made Instantly Involved as a short from the full feature movie I’m working on (read about in Projects posts). I was coerced by my film teacher to enter it, because I was originally reluctant. The movie’s short open plot is a result of this clip deriving from a much longer film. That’s why I didn’t want to enter it originally. I’m glad that I did though, obviously. This one scene in particular I did spend more time on. It wasn’t all easy though. we filmed the walking scene with Lev and Ryan twice, because it got dark and broke the continuity. So actually them walking and them finding the body was filmed a month from each other; luckily it is very hard to tell. Makeup was a challenge too. As a 16 year old guy, I’ve had very little experience with any makeup. Luckily it was blood makeup. I bought the blood and but it on a torn up paper towel to create the gunshot effect. This turned out surprisingly well and actually scared some concerned pedestrians that passed by the filming location. Another interesting fact is that I didn’t think about doing parallel editing until Lev mentioned it right before filming. I thought it was a great idea, therefore I credited him as cinematographer. This one clip really stands alone and made it well as a short.

I made the trailer in about an hour before it was due. At first I didn’t have any good ideas, so I didn’t spend much time on it. Once I started making it, I realized it actually flowed a lot better than I thought. I still did not expect it to win anything though. I was definitely surprised

I also want to mention that I did participate in another video as well; Don’t Let Go. It won best picture! I was credited as Editor, Musical Editor and Pianist. The video is a parody music video of Let It Go with the theme of League of legends. There was a lot of effort put into it. Its not perfect, but was still a great achievement. There were about 10 students working on the film and it took weeks to edit; about 3 hours a day, not including the animation at the beginning. The musical accompaniment was great too. I had to learn the whole base line of Let It Go on piano in like 3 days. And the piano, vocals, violin, flute and cello were all mixed together separately. It took a long time and the effort really made it deserve the award. (I don’t have a link for it)

More about the festival in my next PU.



Movie Camp Publicity

As I have mentioned in my other posts, I am teaching a filmaking camp this summer. Because I am the only one who knows about filmaking, I have to prep for it and teach all the material myself. Just recently, sing ups started for the camp. I already have 7, and that was before I started advertising. Now the arts center catalogue has been printed and is around all around Davis; advertising my camp.

This is what parents look at when they are looking for a summer camp for their kids. The camp is under my moms name, because I’m not old enough to start my own camp. As you can see, I have competition with the other film camp under mine. But it is taught completely differently and doesn’t really conflict with mine. So no worries. Also I created a flier that I’ve posted all around west Davis and am continuing to post other places too.

The flier turned out great, so they’ll definitely help gain more students too. Especially since I advertised around schools. Still need to finalize scripts and lesson plans though, then I’m good!

live link to arts center camp page. It may expire after this summer.