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Projects Update 3/25/16

Spring Break! Its been super chill. Not much to add, but going to put some pics in

Enrique Project- FILMED AT SCHOOL! Pavan could make it and we got like 10 extras too. Went pretty well. Not all good actors as seen below


But all in all went good. Used an aux mic, so it sounded great too! Hopefully next filming will be this week, I’ll have to make scripts! Hopefully we’ll get a lot done in the next few months, so we don’t have to do much over the summer

DMA internship-  Great! filmed a play and town hall meeting; both were equally boring, but fun because I got to film. Studio in the school’s theater (IPAB) is actually really good.


My camera director was nice and the other intern was cool too. Jeff said I can direct any event in the IPAB if I wanted, so cool. In the town hall meeting I used a BEASTLY DSLR!


I would love to have a camera like it! The spring schedule for DHS sports came out too. I have to record 5 different sports; 7 shoots in total; 1-2 a week. They are Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and Swimming/Diving. It’ll be fun

Summer Camp prep- 6 Students! 6 students and the catalog hasn’t even come out yet, working on a flier, I will post in a separate post about the camp specially. Otherwise no prep… Aw Crap.

applying for internships and classes- just the school classes, but there will probably be a conflict so… crossing fingers

PSA for Orchestra- just Wennberg, I’ll talk to Moreno after break

Video/Film Class- Don’t Let Go and Instantly Involved See below in Film Festivals

Film Festivals and Events- Both are for Mrs. Larsen’s film festival; Eye Light. Don’t Let Go is the music parody video Larsen got people to do. I played piano for the whole thing and then started editing. I mostly mixed the music (piano with vocals) which turned out pretty good when I left… Not the same anymore. Some other guy added violin, cello and flute. It is way to much and outta sync now. It was great with just the piano. At least we got another week to edit and we know it made it in, because its Larsen’s film festival. The other is Instantly Involved. Its a short version of the Enrique project. Larsen really wanted me to submit a short version, so I did. It its sort of open ended CUS IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT, but its better than I thought. Better than Don’t Let Go, so it better get in. Didn’t enter Paper Jacket. I’ll post both videos when I can.

Social Media Videos- haven’t filmed longboard videos for a while, so no changes

Other News- Orchestra is fine. Didn’t make it into Baroque to my disappointment and surprise, but started a quartet, so that’s cool. Disneyland was the most fun I’ve had in my life! Came back with 5 trophies, sleep deprivation and a girlfriend, so all in all a good time. Also got to record to Disney movies in the back lot with the orchestra, so that was cool. Soccer’s been slow, a lot of cancelled games, and missed a tournament for Disney. I heard we got second… not bad.

Next update will have the results from film festivals so… cool.


Lighting and green screen set up

  I finally got lights!!! Can’t wait to use them for movies, but mostly need them for camp. 3 point lighting system with green screen in back. Evan is just there for example. The lights are really nice, great buy. I’m not sure how I’m going to use the little one yet though. Lights and green screen together were only 70 bucks… Not bad. 

The Wennberg Music Festival Promotional Video 2016

About: I made this video to promote a big concert that we had coming up in orchestra. It was designed to get a few more people to come watch.

Contribution: I edited the entire video and added all title effects, the raw footage was recorded and edited by Davis Media Access.

Publication: This video was aired on public television, DCTV, from 3/2 to 3/5. It was also posted on the DHS Orchestras’ YouTube channel as well as sent in two email advertisements with credits to me.

*note: my production logo can be seen in the top right corner in the last shot of the video


Projects Update 3/5/16

It’s march, film festival season. So I’m stressed on what to do, but I have finished with 3 videos since last post. I will post them when I can. Also I purchased some lighting equipment, so I will post pics of it set up with my green screen.

Enrique Project- We filmed… but not a lot. On Valentines day, I got everyone together and we re shot a scene and filmed a new one. It worked out really well actually, because we filmed for the PSAs too. WE STILL NEED TO FILM AT SCHOOL. Pavan hardly ever can, and I have stopped trying too hard. But he said Wednesday at lunch, so hopefully that will work out, or else I may have to switch out actors. Since I’m not working on anything in Video/Film, I may be able to film then, so that might work out well.

DMA internship- Going great! Its working out really good there. I did those two basketball games and did camera in the studio too. The games went well, I’m getting really good with the cameras. I also worked in the studio, which was really cool! We worked with professional cameras, that were giant. And they had dollies to move them around and focus and zoom switches. I learned how to focus a camera that I am positive will help me in the future. It was actually a really great experience, because I met another directer, Sam H., and got to learn about how filming actually works in a studio. I had a headset on that he talked through and told me what to do. I didn’t get to really move the camera during shooting, but it was still fun, maybe next time. I also worked with another cameraman, Albert I think, and we talked about film making and film projects. He does kind of cinematography films, so that’s cool. Its the first person I actually had a film making conversation with. And I learned about a producers club, where other people watch your movies, I might think about joining. Now that I’m meeting more people, I’m thinking of making a business card. I had my first intern meeting and went over dates for march. I am shooting a school play on Thursday, that I might be able to direct the cameras for, so that is exciting. IDK if I want to yet though. And then I’m recording a city council meeting, that will be probably boring., but IDK.

Summer Camp prep-ITS ON! I will be teaching 2 weeks of Video/Film Camp (also 3 weeks of art camp). I bought lighting equipment to use for the green screen, and I am making a flier to post. Its not in the art center program yet, but I will post when it comes out. Therefore; sign ups haven’t happened yet and I still have time to advertise. I just need to write some scripts and work out a schedule, and them I’m good.

applying for internships and classes- Course selection is almost due, and I haven’t changed the classes. Mrs. Larsen signed so I’m definitely TA-ing for Video/Film next year. I also know some people taking it, so that’ll be really fun.

PSA for Orchestra- Guess what’s on DCTV! Yep! The Wennberg Promo went on TV on Wednesday. Also its live on the youtube channel with 99 views, which isn’t that bad. And I got my name and a link to the video on the official Wennberg email twice, so that was cool. Concert is tomorrow, so I’ll post the official video post after then.

Video/Film Class- Kind of calm for now… except IDK what to do for the film festivals (see below). The film screening was weird, hardly anyone showed, and it was like 4 hours before it even started, so we just watched student film the whole time before. I talked with others in my class, so that was interesting. The films were not bad, I spotted a lot of continuity errors though. The first horror movie was exceptionally good. It was kind of fun being crew and seeing amateur film, so I’m glad I went. I bet you 100 bucks that I will have to go to more of those in the future

Film Festivals and Events- I’ll start off with Directing change. The films are in. I can’t post them though, so I’ll do an official post when I’m allowed to. I worked it out with Evan, I get full credit for one and we share credit for another. I thought mine for suicide prevention “Everyone Matters” was going to be the better one, but I couldn’t get the full effect in only a minute. So our collaborated one “Paper Jacket” was actually better. We found really good music and had a very symbolic and clear message. Evan helped a lot too, he did almost all the editing. I have high hopes for that one. I really just want to place or get honorable mention. I don’t really care about the money. I will post the results and the vids early April. Then there is the Eye Light film festival. Really open ended; any genre and 1-10 minutes. But I don’t know what to do. There was 4 options. One being cutting down the Enrique Project to under 10 minutes, with a complete plot line. Mrs. Larsen said it was “definitely possible”, but it is “definitely NOT possible.” Not only is there no complete plot line from our footage, but there is also a gun, so we can’t submit it. Then there is to film a whole new thing, but we don’t have anytime (only a week and a half). We had a start of an idea though; “Bus Stop” where an ad comes to life, and at the end you think it was all a dream, but there is one thing left behind to suggest that it was real. 3rd there is “Don’t Let Go” which is the music video parody that Mrs. Larsen gathered people to do. The whole thing is strange, and I’m not really friends with any of the other students working on it, but I still want to help. I don’t want to do storyboards, and I can’t make the shooting date, so I’m going to play piano and edit. Yes, I have to learn the whole “Let it go” on piano by Monday. And also I only have 2 days to edit in class, so IDK. The fourth option is to just submit “Paper Jacket.” I think I’ll do that and help with the music video. I’ll write about it next post.

Social Media Videos- no change

Other News- Yes, I do have a life outside of film making. So I have this category for that. First off, I scored the first goal for my club soccer team, which was cool; top corner! I also started teaching violin for 10 dollars per half hour once a week. That’s great and I like my student too. Also in orchestra, I auditioned for the Baroque Ensemble, that actually went pretty well. It’s just really competitive, so I hope I get in. I’m leaving to Disneyland for 4 days with the orchestra over spring break, and I have Wennberg tomorrow. Also paintballing for my friend Hillel’s, B-Day party tomorrow. That’s really it.

1,250 words, that’s longer than I expected. Next PU will be early April probably, and I will post my lighting set up and Wennberg Promo in a week or so. The rest of the posts will be in April.