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Projects Update 2/13/16

This is a great week to do a PU. It has been EXTREMELY busy and a lot has happened since last time.

Enrique Project- WE STILL NEED TO FILM. I never knew it was so hard to gather actors. I have already added and perfected all scripts, but all to no avail, because I can’t get everyone together. We’re even filming at school. a week ago we were going to, but Lev and Evan had something (that actually got cancelled in the end). Then Tuesday, I didn’t have time to prep (3 day weekend), Wednesday Pavan couldn’t, and yesterday, he wasn’t even at school. We WILL hopefully film Wednesday at school if I can make people believe me that we will. And this weekend, I thought we could film some while me and Evan film our PSA, but it depends on what I’m doing Valentine’s Day, and when practice is on Monday.

DMA Internship- This is good news, the internship has started. I had my first production on Tuesday (filming clips of basketball), and I have another one on Wednesday (also basketball). I am doing filming in the studio next weekend, and have other events all through march. I also get to use DSLRs to film and Final cut pro to edit.

Stop Motion Lego Movie- Hillel cleaned up the set, so it looks like this will be another unfinished project.

Summer Camp Prep- haven’t really thought about it much, but it will almost definitely go through. I’m going to make fliers and I decided were going to do prop making too.

Applying for internships and classes- not doing Las Vegas due to travel and summer camps. The course selection for my Junior year came out though I’m doing: American Literature honors, American History (regular), Precalculus, French 4 honors, Baroque Ensemble (If I make audition) and for film; Teacher’s Assistant for Video/Film course (so I can help students using Premier Pro and making their movies), and Stagecraft Production (because I need a practical art, and this relates to film the most).

PSA for orchestra- Only doing the Wennberg PSA, and I just sent the final to Moreno, I changed it a ton, but we both like it more now. He’ll send it out via email, social media, school website, and I’ll ask Jeff (DMA intern Coordinator–basically my boss) if I can get it on TV too.

Video/Film Class- Finished the Art Center PSA… meh, better than most of the others. Also, I’m going to a film screening in a sketchy, old theater in Sacramento.I get to critique the movie, and talk to the directors/producers. And most importantly WE ARE DOING OUR FIRST FILM FESTIVAL (see below)

Film Festivals and Events- Directing Change, Each student has to make two PSAs in the categories; Suicide Prevention, Mental health awareness & Stigma or Through the lens of Culture (basically a modifier, where you have to focus on a certain racial/age group). I’m doing it with Evan (Because he wanted money, and I didn’t want to do it by myself even though he doesn’t help much). Anyway, were doing Suicide Prevention and Mental health (Might make the Mental health Through the lens of culture). We’ve scripted both, and just need to film. We only have a week, so we need to film THIS WEEKEND and Tuesday at school. I’m really nervous that it won’t turn out how I want it. If we win (when we win) we get 500$ for first 250 for second and third, then 125, 125 for fourth and fifth- per film. And through the lens of Culture starts at 1,000 (because its new) then goes 500, 250, 125, 125. I really just want to place or get honorable mention, and I’ll be thrilled.

Social media videos- Thought I’d add a new category for my youtube account (that I hardly post on, so don’t look at it yet), my new Vimeo account (that I plan to post my GOOD videos on) and my Longboarding instagram page that I’ve had for like 4 months, and has 5 videos on it, with 230 followers (not bad).

Expecting another project update in 2 or 3 weeks depending on when I make progress in my projects. I will probably post my first video soon, either the PSA for orchestra, the PSAs for Directing change, or my video projects portfolio.