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Projects Update 1/25/16

I will most likely post PUs (project updates(I made it up,idk)) once every 2 or 3 weeks. Weeks I don’t I will post other stuff

Enrique idea- WE NEED TO FILM. Since break and getting my wisdom teeth out, there hasn’t been a good time to film. Scripts are done for almost all of part one, but I’m worried that we just can film because Lev has baseball. Hopefully will next weekend. Editing is going great found good soundtrack for the death scene, so that’s good, just part of it is too dark, so we have to reshoot. 

DMA internship– Jeff answered, I’m definitely doing the late January internship, I just gotta commit through June 10, and I’m hoping it doesn’t conflict with soccer and homework and violin…wow, this is going to be a busy semester. 

Stop motion Lego movie-still waiting for Hillel to ask to film

Summer Camp prep– I really don’t want to worry about this until closer to the date. I just need scripts and I’m good

applying for other internships and classes- I really want to do this Las Vegas internship where we shoot a professional horror movie for 2 weeks in Las Vegas. I’ll actually be on a film set and in the credits of an actual professional movie. But it conflicts with my trip to England. Anyway there’ll probably be over 500 applicants, and they only pick 5, so my chances are small anyway. No classes. 

PSA for orchestra- just need to show it to Moreno (my music teacher) and then I’m good, I’m also scripting a PSA for joining the orchestra too. 

school projects- art center PSA. Kind of a stupid project, since we only do like 4 projects all year, but it’s proving to be better than I thought it would be. We had to assign roles, and I chose Editor over director, I know that’s against what I like, but the thought of me not having control over the editing gave me nightmares, so I think I’m good. I ended up scripting the whole thing, gathering props and basically directing it anyway. 


Projects 2016

In order to prepare for a film career I do lots of video and film projects and activities.

Enrique idea- my main film focus. I am making a full length (like really an hour) movie with my friends Evan, Lev and my brother Ryan. It’s taking a while because of their unavailability, but we still try to film at least once a week. I’m directing it and editing it, and for the most part writing all scripts as well as a small acting part. Expected to be done by Winter 2016. 

DMA intership and volenteer work- I’m doing an internship at the non-profit organization Davis Media Access. It starts in late January for 4 months. After, over the summer I will be doing volenteer work there.

Stop motion Lego movie– Just for fun Lego stop motion with my friend Hillel. He built a Lego western town to film on and I’m editing it on iMovie (better for animation). No rush, just for fun. 

Summer Camp prep– I’m prepping for a film camp over the summer at the Davis Art Center. I will do most of the teaching but still have assistance from my mom and brother. We will do stop motion film, special effect short and a live action movie. 

applying for other internships and classes- sometimes there’s other internships I apply for whether local or farther away and I want to take a class at Sacramento city college in Senior year. 

PSA for orchestra– We have to do outside of school projects in orchestra, so I do email commercials for concerts and other PSAs.

school projects– Always doing a project in video/film class. 

Film festivals- none yet, but some coming up. 

I will try to post updates every week or few weeks about these different projects as well as extra stuff.

Film Equipment

FullSizeRenderAll the Film equipment I have for film making


-Sony HDR-CX190 High Definition Handycam 5.3 MP Camcorder(2012 Model)

-iPhone 6th generation 16gb (not in pic–used to take pic)

-Anart SPC-04 Sports/Action camera with various mounts and cases


Camera equipment

-spare battery for Sony HDR-CX190

-wall charger for Sony HDR-CX190 battery

-Anker portable charger

-iPhone lightning charger cable



-eCostConnetion 50″ Aluminum Camera Tripod with Bluetooth clicker and smartphone mount

-homemade boom pole (old tripod leg)

-Maxpro USB voice recorder flashdrive with homemade protective foam sleeve

-6×9.5 ft cotton green screen

-Universal Studios clapboard


Editing software

-Final Cut Pro X running on a macbook pro (2009)


New Year, new blog. I thought I should start a blog about my journey in becoming a film maker. So on this blog I will post about that. I will post about how I make my movies as a high school student, the problems I come by and how they are coming along. I will also post about the other things I’m doing to get involved, like internships, festivals, classes (both teaching and attending), etc. I really made this blog as a personal record of everything I have to do to reach my film goals